Best in Show Trainers

Flaunt your dog’s stunning appearance for the world to see. Whispering Loves Show News will guide and equip you with the knowledge to reap all the trophies your dog can get from dog show competitions. We began this amazing work 7 years ago. We are fanatics of dog shows ourselves and participated as judges. When it comes to the grooming and style of your dog, consult Whispering Loves Show News. We can train you and let you become a professional expert at grooming. Benefit with our special discounts and programs that are full of value and useful guides.

Rules Orientation

Dog competitions come with rules to protect the well-being of the dogs participating in these kinds of activities. They are not as simple as you think. Missing a single rule of the competition will disqualify you right away. Whispering Loves Show News are the experts of dog show competitions. When you subscribe or avail our training program, we are going to orient you with the basic rules you need to remember. Every dog competition might have different rules, themes, and so on. But don’t worry, Whispering Loves Show News will guide you all the way so you’ll not miss a single one of them.

Knowledge About Breed Standards

Every breed has different qualities and appearance. Know those dog competitions have breed standard requirement. Regardless what breed of dog you have, we know how to groom them so they could take the trophy home. As you all know, dog competitions are strict when it comes to the rules depending on the breed. When styling your dog for these kinds of shows, know the breed standards. If you have no experience yet, count on Whispering Loves Show News. We are sure to deliver you the training you need to win.


We Care for Your Dog

Dog grooming for a competition can be stressful for dogs. It’s easy to fall into the traps of the glamour of dog grooming competitions, but for the sake of your dog, please don’t. Your dog is your wonderful companion. Never sacrifice your dog’s health just to achieve the trophies. They are just fleeting things. These things fade away just like the things you buy from online shops like lazada and zalora regardless of how pricey they are. There is a way to win without hurting your dog’s health. Whispering Loves Show News care for your dog. We foster good practices of dog grooming and never ever encourage anyone to go beyond the good practices. If you love your dog and still want to participate in these extravagant competitions, Whispering Loves Show News is the place to go to.

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