Why Dog Grooming for Competitions Should be Done with Utmost Care?

Rules are made for a reason. Dog competitions made these rules to avoid harm to the dogs participating in these contests. Remember that grooming is somehow uncomfortable for dogs. Doing it the wrong way may cause harm. So remember, to never choose the style over the well-being of your dog.

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Dyes Cause Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can have a bad reaction to dyes. It is very common for dog grooming competitions to permit change of colours through the use of dyes. But use only after doing a patch test to your dog. Even the brochures will give a warning about this. Use natural dyes only. Try to shop online and look for organic dyes instead of using the commercial ones. Check the label and make sure it suitable for animal use.

It Affects Your Dog’s Psychological Health

When you alter the look of your dog, it does something to their psychological state. Make sure that your dog is in a sound condition before listing him to participate. If during practice your dog shows signs of discomfort, stop the session right away. Don’t try to push for it. Bring him to the vet immediately, and it is highly advisable to consult the vet whether your dog can participate or not. The judges could sense the slight discomforts of dogs during a show. It affects their scorecard. Give your dog some rest and let him ease himself. Remember that your dog is more important than any trophies.


Cuts and Injuries

Many things could happen during grooming. Dogs are not naturally comfortable with it. That is the reason why we urge everyone to have proper training first prior to joining grooming competitions. You may accidentally cut your dog while trimming excess fur. They can be afraid of the sound of blow dryers and so on which might make your dog fly into a rage. Grooming is not for everyone so test your skills first prior to trying it to your dog.

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