Why Dog Groomers are Willing to Spend in Competitions?

Do you wonder why these dog shows and grooming competitions pop anywhere? Don’t be shocked when we tell you that these participants spend as much as 12,000 Euros a year. That’s a whopping price just for competition. If you disapprove this grand spending of dog groomers, listen to their side of the story first.


Competitions Bring them Joy

Most of the dog groomers we have met have sad stories to share. Some of them lost a loved one and dog grooming competitions somehow help them move on by preoccupying themselves. There are some retired veterans who just want to have fun and have something to do. Dog competitions are not life-changing events, but for these people, these competitions bring them joy. You should visit a dog competition sometime. The stories you hear are worth listening to.

Prize Money is Worth the Preparation

The prize money from these competitions will not certainly make you rich. But for regular participants, it helps them with their savings. What they really like about these events is it is a win-win. They could earn prize money and at the same time, do something creative with their time. Even if they didn’t take home the prize money, they still get coupon codes on products for their pets’ grooming and maintenance. Prize money ranges from 20K up to 50k. These figures attract more and more participants every year.


It Brings Out the Inner Stylist in Them

Most of the groomers who participate in these competitions came from a different line of work. Imagine a financial advisor doing styling for dogs. It’s quite hilarious but in a beautiful way. We have all our dreams when we were young. But not all of us were able to fulfill our dreams as children. Dog grooming competitions will require you to think outside of the box and bring out the inner stylist in you. It’s quite difficult than you think because you have mechanics to follow. And not all dogs are well behaving. Dog grooming is definitely a fantastic skill of a stylist.

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