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Get the latest update on dog grooming competitions

Whispering Loves Show News is all about dog grooming competitions. However, we never take for granted the health of dogs under our training. We will send you regular updates with the latest happenings and event. Believe it or not, dog grooming competitions have trends. In order to win, you need to be familiar with the trends. You’ll know what are the styles commonly used in these competitions to avoid doing the same style as your dog. The goal is for your dog to run the show.

Get Discounts

We also work with many pet products company. We can tell you where to shop online using discounts to cut some of your expenses on these products. Many participants of dog grooming competitions spend thousands of dollars on products. But there is no need to spend that much. Whispering Loves Show News has been participating in these kinds of competitions for almost a decade so we know that it doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

After Care Services

After each competition, most dogs are exhausted physically and emotionally. Our aftercare services will take care of these issues for you. Most of the time, their mane will dry out because of the dyes and styling products. There were some instances of bad reactions. If this happens to your dog after a competition, contact us right away.

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