Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Grooming Contests


Many participants of dog grooming contests were disqualified for missing out on the rules. Each contest will have their own set of rules and mechanics. The event will usually hand out brochures stating their guidelines. But those general rules might not be mentioned, so read on to make sure you’ll keep every single one them to prevent disqualification.

Do Arrive on Time or Earlier

The brochure might not mention this but your punctuality is being graded. The standard is you have to arrive 30 minutes before the grooming event starts. Event organizers do the registration of participants early. It is important for them to have the contestants ready before the judging portion starts.

Don’t Fake the Dog’s Agedog

We have witnessed many dramatic experiences where the participant won the competition only for the trophy to be taken away. Judges have a way of finding out the correct age of your dog. If you are wondering why some contestants do this stuff, it is because smaller dogs have more appeal and easier to style. For beginners, be clear with details and never fake anything that might result in your disqualification. Instead, do your best, and buy online shops voucher codes to afford grooming training and orientation.

Don’t Use Toxic Products for the Sake of Grooming

Dog competitions are being held because these are communities who love dogs. Using any toxic chemicals that might harm your dog just to achieve the style you want, is highly prohibited. You’ll get disqualified in an instant. Go for organic yet effective products you can buy with voucher codes. To be safe, look at the label and search for the chemicals listed there. If you found anything that might be harmful, ditch them on the list.

Do Bring Your Battery-Operated Tools

Do not be surprised if there is limited power or electricity in these competitions. They allocate certain electricity consumption for every contestant. Buy your own battery-operated tools, and save money on electronics by being resourceful in finding the best buy online.

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