We are The Whispering Loves Show News

We began this journey 7 years ago. Trixie and Holly have been participating in dog grooming competitions and won dozens of trophies. Being exposed to this industry, gave us an edge to start something new but is still related to the competition we love the most. Since the establishment of Whispering Loves Show News, we have helped dog owners to be educated so they could present to the world how amazing their fluffy friends are.

Training for You and Your Fluffy Friend

If you decided to work with us for a dog grooming competition, we are going to work with you from the beginning till the end. There are many awards your fluffy friend can get from best in the show, best in attitude, and style, there’s a high chance you reap them all if you work with us.

Dog Grooming Competitions Enlister

One of the best thing, why you should work with us, is we would do the registration for you. Off course, we’ll get your approval if you want to join or not. No registration against your will. We’ll get you forms to fill out, and the rest would be on us. The benefit of this for you is it will save you time and you will be up to date with the latest happenings and events.

Grooming Products Recommendations

Whispering Loves Show News knows all about the right products regardless of the breed of your dog. Our office has offers & coupons cards we can give out free of charge as a courtesy of availing our services. We will recommend to you the best products that will suit your dog’s mane and coat. These products we will recommend are approved by the animal association. These products don’t contain harmful chemicals but they work effectively.

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